Creating Subflows

There are two ways to create subflows:

Create a New Subflow from Scratch

  1. You must be in Draft/Edit
  2. Drag a new Action box onto the editing canvas
  3. In the Add Action Shape dialog, click the Link tab at the top
  4. Click A new flow radio button, type in a New Flow Name and click Add

Move Existing Shapes Into a New Subflow

  1. You must be in Draft/Edit
  2. Select a group of existing shapes on the editing canvas
  3. Right-Click on the selected group of shapes
  4. Select Move Into New Flow...
  5. Give the new subflow a name and click Move

Edit New Subflow

  1. On the editing canvas, in the upper left, click Save, then click Close
  2. Click on the new subflow link
  3. Click Edit