What Do the Shapes and Colors Mean?

Flow Arrows are solid lines that tell you where to go next.

Optional Arrows are dashed lines that point to things.  It's optional, you do not need to follow it to complete the task.

This is the Action Box.  When you see this shape, you DO something!

Life is all about choices, Decision Diamonds are the fork in the road.

Write down whatever you see in Data Rhomboid, you are going to need it later!

These are the tips, help, and non-critical informational material that provide you with additional context and explanation.  The flows are the WHAT and HOW, the Backstory Boxes are the WHY.

Critical Boxes are the same as Action boxes except if you don't follow this step, something might explode! 

Plain Text Boxes have an invisible border.  Put text on the flow and it blends into the page.

When a process is completely done, you'll see an End Point!