Inviting Users to ProcedureFlow (Org. Admins)

Note - User Management features are only available to organization administrators.

  1. Click on Administration
  2. Click Users
  3. Click Invite Users
  4. Add one or more email addresses
  5. Select Entry Point(s) to which users will be assigned 
  6. Select Entry Point Role (field will default to Contributor if no selection is made)
  7. Select the Normal or Org Admin
  8. Click Send Invitations

Two types of Organization Roles:

  1. Normal - Permissions are restricted to the assigned entry point roles.
  2. Org Admin - Full control of organization (invite users, create and manage entry points, view reports, and change settings for organization).

Users that have been invited can also be managed within the Administration > Users tab.  You can edit the entry point memberships for a pending invitation or resend/withdraw a pending invitation.