Renaming an Entry Point

Permission Requirement: You must have entry point admin or org admin permissions to perform this task.

Step 1

Use the following steps to rename an entry point:

1. Click Administration.

2. Click Entry Points.

3. Click the name of the entry point you would like to rename.

4. Under Settings, change the Name field to your desired new entry point name.

5. Click Update Settings.

Step 2

There are cases where it is desirable to have the home flow title be different than the entry point name. We do allow this and by default, we keep the original entry point name as the home flow title. In the future, we may link the entry point name to the home flow title, but this is how it works today. 

If you would like the entry point name and home flow title to be identical, use the following steps to update the home flow title:

1. Navigate to the "home page" of the renamed entry point.

2. Click YOUR DRAFT.

3. Click the Edit button (top right).

4. Near the title at the top, click rename.

5. Rename the title to the new entry point name.

6. Click Done.

7. Click Save and Close.

8.  Submit your draft for approval.

9.  Publish changes to live.