Embedding Authenticated - Genesys Cloud

*Note - Only org admins and entry point admins can generate the embedding URL/Snippet in ProcedureFlow

For more information about generating the embedding URL/Snippet in ProcedureFlow, please review the Embedding Authenticated article.

Please use the following steps to embed ProcedureFlow in Genesys Cloud:

  1. Login to Genesys Cloud (with admin permissions)
  2. Click Admin, then go to the Integrations section and click Integrations

  3. Click +Integrations

  4. Search for Client Application and click Install

  5. On the Details tab, give the app a descriptive name

  6. Click the Configuration tab

  7. Paste the ProcedureFlow embed URL into the Application URL

  8. For the Application Type, choose widget

  9. Scroll down to Group Filtering and click Select Groups. Select the appropriate agent group for visibility of the app

  10. Click Save

  11. In the integrations list, find the app and move the toggle to Active

  12. The app is now turned on for that group. To test, ensure you are part of the group that the app is enabled for and refresh the browser page. A small 4 square widget icon will appear on the far left side. Click the 4 square icon to pull out the ProcedureFlow App tray. Log into ProcedureFlow if login page appears.