Embedding Authenticated

*Note - Embeds can only be created by Org Admins and Entry Point Admins

Entry Points can be embedded in systems that users interact with every day. This can be useful for those with only a single monitor or who have limited space for all open applications on their screens. 

Embedding Authenticated requires licensed users to login with their email and password. 

How to setup embedding authenticated:

  1. Go to Administration > Entry Points > [choose entry point] > Embeds
  2. Click New embed
  3. Create a name for the embed and click Create embed
  4. Click Copy URL or Copy snippet based on the requirements of the system it is being embedded in
  5. Go to the system in question and follow their steps for embedding URLs or snippets

Each system will have it's own steps for embedding. Additionally, each system may (or may not) have restrictions on what can be embedded and how flows are displayed and how external links are handled.

Please note that the following features are not available in the embedded view:

  • Starred flows
  • Search across entry points
  • Jump to flow search
  • The list of all entry points the user is currently a member of
  • Personal settings such as change password, change email, theme appearance, profile
  • Live / Draft contributor view
  • Administration view, approvals view, reporting view

Please contact us if you have any questions about embedding.