Searching Flows

There are two ways to search for flows:

1 - Quick Title Search Within an Entry Point

To search for flow titles or content within the flow shapes:

  1. On the lefthand side, under Flows, click on the Jump to flows ... search bar
  2. Type in a keyword
  3. ProcedureFlow will return a list of search results containing that keyword in titles (bolded text) or shapes within flows
  4. To navigate directly to a flow listed in the search results, simply click on the flow title

Note there is no search results page with this type of search, the intent is to allow you to quickly jump to a flow.

2 - Search Across Entry Points

To keyword search across all entry points you are a member of:

  1. In the top right, click in the Search all flows... search box
  2. Type in a keyword and hit `Return` or `Enter` on your keyboard
  3. You will be take to a list of search results that include results from all entry points where that keyword has been found
  4. Click one of the results to enter the entry point and flow where the keyword is located