Less Screenshots

In traditional documentation, it is fairly common to see many screenshots scattered throughout the document.

The ProcedureFlow team recommends against this practice for three reasons:

  1. Images take up a lot of space
  2. Images usually require an involved setup which takes a lot of time
  3. Images are hard to maintain

The following example shows an excess of screenshots and then shows how that same information can be represented in ProcedureFlow.

Excess Screenshots - How to Create a New Entry Point

At the top of the webpage, in the navy blue section, Click on the word Administration

In the list of 3 options, choose the option that says: "Entry Points".  Click on the link.

Near the top, click on the link that says: "New entry point".

Type in the new name for your entry point flow then click the blue button with the text "Create Entry Point".

ProcedureFlow - How to Create a New Entry Point

See how clean that is?  If you think they might need a little more help, you can add the screen location underneath in brackets, like (top center) or (bottom left).  This takes up much less space, is easier to read and is much easier to maintain!  Give your users credit .... they're smart and they'll figure it out without the screenshot!