Genesys Agent Assist - Chat

Genesys Cloud and ProcedureFlow can be integrated to provide agent assist flow suggestions based on the text found in chats between customers and agents. 

Genesys Agent Assist for Chat
Genesys Cloud has agent assist capabilities that scan chat text in real-time and provide knowledge base suggestions to agents. 

Genesys Agent Assist Integration with ProcedureFlow

Through ProcedureFlow's API, the integration extracts flow contents, such as title and shape text. The title and shape text is then be used to automatically create knowledge base articles in Genesys Cloud. Additionally, a screenshot of the flow is automatically generated and added to the knowledge base article. 

The integration can be set to sync flows from ProcedureFlow with Genesys' knowledge base on a regular basis (ex: 1 hr, 3 hrs, 24 hrs).

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