Supported Browsers

Browser Support

ProcedureFlow runs on  recent modern browsers.

Most recent versions of supported browsers (updated every 2 weeks):

  • Chrome 109
  • Edge 108
  • Firefox 108
  • Safari 16.1

Browser Support Lifecycle 

For security reasons, and to maintain development velocity focused on high value features, we do not support aging browser versions. Supporting aging browser versions requires many extra hours of testing and workarounds. It also restricts the use of new browser capabilities. New browser capabilities allow development teams to work more efficiently.

Support ending soon (updated every 2 weeks):

  • Chrome 78
  • Edge 79
  • Firefox 74
  • Safari 13.1

Please note that if your browser version matches, or is getting close to, the lowest browser version we support, we highly recommend that you work with your IT team to upgrade your browser version.  Using older browser versions can possibly introduce security risks to an organization.

There is no guarantee of long term support for the lowest browser versions listed here as the list is updated every 2 weeks. This list is simply intended to help customers understand when their browser version is approaching end of support and encouraging version upgrades.