Resetting Your Password

Have you forgotten your password? Don't fret, you can reset! 

  1. Go to ProcedureFlow. You should see the following:

    (if you don't see this screen, in the upper right corner, click the username you are logged in with and choose Log Out)

  2. Click Forgot your Password?.
  3. Enter your Email used to sign up for ProcedureFlow.
  4. Click Send Reset Link.
  5. Check your Inbox of you email; there should be a email from ProcedureFlow.
    Note: If a email does not arrive after a few minutes check your junk folder.
  6. Click the link that was sent to you.
  7. Enter in a New Password.
  8. Repeat the same password in Confirm Password.
  9. Log into ProcedureFlow using the new password to ensure it works.