Using and Labeling Connector Arrows

Once you've added new shapes onto the editing canvas, now you need to join them together using the connector arrows.  

Using Connector Arrows

  1. Click the connector arrow icon.  
  2. Click and drag the arrow cross-hairs between the two shapes you want to connect.  (Tip:  You'll know the arrow is connected when the connector point highlights to a green circle when the cross-hairs are hovered them.)
  3. Once you're done adding arrows and connecting your shapes, you'll need to click the Pointer arrow icon to continue editing.   

Bending Connector Arrows

  1. Click on the arrow you want to bend. 
  2. Click the green dot that appears in the middle of the arrow and drag  the green dashed arrow into the desired angle.
  3. If the arrow requires two bends, click the arrow again and a second green dot will appear.  Click on the second green dot and drag green dashed arrow into the second angle.

Labeling Connector Arrows

  1. Double click on arrow you want to label.
  2. In Edit Connector box, enter desired label into text box.
  3. Click Update.
  4. You can also change the line style from Solid to Dashed in the Edit Connector box.