Changing Custom Flow Themes - Organization

ProcedureFlow allows you to create and import custom flow themes and apply them to the whole organization. This allows you to customize the background color, shape colors, arrow width, dropshadow and more. The documentation page outlines all the elements that can be customized and includes several themes that can be imported. 

Important Note - Personal themes are only applied to the user who sets them up. This can be useful for testing themes before applying them to the whole organization. For custom personal flow themes instructions, please see changing custom flow themes - personal.

How To Change Organization Flow Theme

  1. Click the Administration tab
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Appearance
  4. Click Custom theme
  5. Visit the custom flow themes documentation page and create or download a theme file
  6. Back on the appearance screen, click Import... and choose your theme file
  7. Click Save appearance
  8. Refresh your browser tab
  9. Your whole organization now has a new theme